Synergy North America, Schaumburg, Ill., launched Snap-To-Light, designed to enhance the power of the Snapfulfil SaaS warehouse management system. The SnapCart profileSnap-to-Light features a pick-to-light cart that drives the material handlers on the shortest walk sequence, picking multiple orders in a single pass. A robust lighting harness indicates to the material handler which orders/totes/cartons the items need to be picked into.

Variable picking totes or shipping cartons are utilized for variable order sizes, all controlled by the WMS based on each shipment’s dimensions/volume. Plus, different sized carts can be used for the heavyweight shippers.

The PTL harness can be retro-fitted to existing carts, and pick-and-pass or multi-zone picking functions allow the use of multiple carts to pick from different areas of the warehouse, all with full visibility and control at each stage.

Synergy North America Inc.