Mettler-Toledo, Tampa, Fla., introduced its Signature metal detector, featuring a full-color touchscreen, membrane key panel, product inspection data collection Mettler Toledo Signature touch detectorcapability and full Ethernet network connectivity for data sharing.

Signature detectors can be integrated with a wide range of standard or custom conveyor systems, enabling automated on-line inspection. Designed to perform and be maintained in a variety of manufacturing environments, Signature detectors are available in a variety of sizes, finishes and sealing standards. They can readily detect even the most difficult-to-detect non-magnetic stainless steels and non-spherical fine wire contaminants.

An optional, yet simple set-up routine allows end users to configure Performance Validation Routine (PVR) testing to their own needs.Users can choose to test on a time basis or pack count basis. The screen will automatically change to the PVR screen when the pre-set testing time is due or overdue.


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