Meeting the dual needs of the convenience of re-closing and the reassurance of tamper-evidence, Germany-based RPC Bebo Plastik developed a new pack rpc Bebo Swingsolution for a variety of spreadable products such as cheese, margarine and butter.

The new Bebo Swing incorporates a unique perforation process that ensures easy opening. The re-closable lid can be hinged or fully removed, and is welded to the tub through ultrasonic welding.

The patented design is ideal for various shapes and products with and without lidding film. Bebo Swing can be manufactured in monolayer or multi-layer PP, where EVOH provides a barrier against oxygen ingress for extended ambient shelf life. A light barrier can also be incorporated for light-sensitive products.

A range of decoration options, including printing, labelling and sleeving, enables each pack to be tailored to the precise requirements of individual products and create effective brand image and on-shelf differentiation.

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