DuPont Nutrition & Health, Wilmington, Del., launched its Detect + Protect solutions service, an integrated food protection program that combines the knowledge of a global team of experts in food microbiology, microbial detection and food protection with proprietary analytical processes to give food manufacturers customized solutions.

“Food manufacturers face complex microbial challenges in their production facilities and with their products,” says Larry Steenson, senior principal scientist, food protection. “With our new service, we can offer them customized solutions that support effective food protection—e.g., helping reduce spoilage and food waste. In connection with a comprehensive food protection program, our solutions help manufacturers protect the reputation of their brands and also help keep their products fresh longer, and that’s positive for their bottom line.”

The Detect + Protect program is comprised of three fee-for-service modules, each based upon unique tools and processes, which are customized by project:

  1. Assess – the microbial environment through sampling and biomapping
  2. Monitor – the microbial evolution in products
  3. Control – unwanted organisms with antimicrobials and/or processing hurdles

The Detect + Protect food microbiologists use all of the DuPont capabilities, including the latest genotyping methods and specific media, high-throughput microbial screening equipment, as well as their extensive knowledge in food applications and antimicrobial solutions. To support this program, DuPont gathered a unique team of senior scientists, food microbiologists and statisticians to come up with an in-depth understanding of the microbial ecology of the analyzed food product and relevant solutions for their customers.

“Despite the best efforts in food production facilities, invisible microbes often find their way into finished products, reducing shelf life and increasing food waste and product recalls for companies,” says David Horowitz, sales director, food protection. “Detect + Protect gives manufacturers the possibility to make the invisible visible and help them find the best solution for their environment. Manufacturers can take advantage of single modules or all three. A testament to the Detect + Protect program is that using its protocols, we helped one company reduce returns by 95% in only three months.”