Jarlsberg Cheese, Darien, Conn., introduced Jarlsberg Minis, a snack-size cheese treat. Jarlsberg cheese minis

Jarlsberg Cheese Minis ship in a 30-count display-ready case for immediate placement or in a 50-pound bulk case.

“We anticipate new Jarlsberg Cheese Minis driving incremental in-store sales by bringing a well-recognized premium brand into everyday snacking occasions,” says Deborah Seife, general marketing manager. “The mini concept is growing across all categories, not just dairy, so we expect to see marked growth. Additionally, we have a population that is continually focused on health and smaller portions of the foods they like best, so Jarlsberg Cheese Minis will facilitate this growth.”

Each 20-gram portion-sized cheese mini is just 70 calories and offers a good source of calcium and protein.