Atlanta-based Mondi North America completed a capacity expansion to its Salt Lake City, Utah, industrial bag manufacturing plant. The expanded capacity boosts Mondi Peel Pak inner liner bagMondi’s production of Peel Pak pinch-bottom open mouth bags by 50% in the U.S. market.

The expansion consists of a new Rotaliner poly liner system and upgrades to a tuber that produces Peel Pak dry dairy product packaging.

The capacity increase was prompted by customer requests and growing demand from the marketplace, according to Allen Ennis, president, Mondi North America’s industrial bag division.

“We are responding to an increasing demand for Peel Pak pouches in our dry dairy products sector to meet our customers’ requirements,” he adds. “Mondi loves to find smarter ways to help our customers succeed. Our Peel Pak bag is most effective in semi or fully automated packaging processes. It will hold virtually any dry product, including dry milk, lactose and whey protein powders. Our new Rotaliner system is positioned on top of the tuber and inserts a polyethylene liner into Peel Pak bags during the bag manufacturing process. This is a highly efficient and controlled converting process.” 

Peel Pakis a pasted open mouth bag with a poly liner that can be separated from the paper outer plies for dry dairy goods cleanroom applications.