Dorner Manufacturing debuted the newSmartPace conveyor, designed to enhance packaged product orientation by receiving items and properly spacing them on the Dorner SmartPace conveyorconveyor.

The conveyor uses HMI interface to control the spacing, speed and orientation of products, allowing users to merge multiple lanes together without product stops or gates.

How it works is, randomly spaced parts enter the conveyor, then a photoeye detects product spacing.  The conveyor’s servo-motor control automatically varies the conveyor speed and conveyor junction placement to generate an evenly spaced part.   

Motors can be mounted on either side or both sides of the conveyor, and all bearings are sealed for life.

It moves up to 200 feet per minute, can smoothly transfer parts as short as 3 inches long and comes with multiple FDA-approved belting options.

Dorner Manufacturing Corp.