SPX, Charlotte, N.C., introduced the new SanStar SSi (stainless-steel inline) sanitary mixer from its Lightnin brand. Specifically designed for food, beverage and dairy SPX SSI mixerapplications, as well as clean-in-place and sterilize-in-place operations, the SSi reduces power loss through the use of high-efficiency planetary gears, and offers a smaller footprint than alternate technologies.

Constructed with stainless-steel housings and motors, the Lightnin SanStar SSi mixer complies with the latest ASME BPE guidelines, boasts CE certification and is suitable for a wide range of mixing applications. This flexible unit is adaptable to installation requirements and is designed for easy maintenance. It is also capable of having longer shaft lengths to fit mix tanks without the need for any in-tank support. Various motor options plus a full spectrum of impeller types are available to meet a wide variety of tank sizes.

Additionally, the SSi will run at variable speeds without speed block-out ranges and can be fitted to multiple flange types and sizes.

SPX Corp.