Key Technology, Walla Walla, Wash., made available Information Analytics, a suite of software capabilities embedded within Key’s digital sorters that enable the Key Technology Digital Analyticscollection, analysis and sharing of data across the food processor’s enterprise. Tailored to meet the specific needs of each customer, Information Analytics helps processors better manage their operations to produce desired product quality while increasing yields and reducing costs.

Information Analytics can be harnessed to better manage raw materials and optimize processes upstream and downstream of the sorter, in addition to improving the sorter’s accept/reject decisions.
Equipped with  Information Analytics, the sorter continuously collects and stores a variety of information about the sort process and the product flowing through the sorter, whether that data is used to make sort decisions or not. Data could include the object’s dimensions, color and other image information, good product characteristics, defects and foreign material details, every aspect of the sorting operation such as detection activity of specific defect categories, ejection activity and more.
The sorter can leverage its analytical capabilities to process the collected data to drive more intelligent sort operations and/or generate custom, configurable statistical reports. 
Information Analytics is ideal for processors of fresh and processed fruits and vegetables, potato products, seafood and more.

Key Technology, Inc.