Cargill’s turkey agricultural team in California, Mo., reached 1.4 million work hours without a lost-time injury that covers a period of nearly five years. This 127-person team, which is part of the Cargill turkey and cooked meats business headquartered in Wichita, Kan., is responsible for a feed mill, hatchery, breeder flocks, live haul service and working relationships with 168 independent family farms in the region that raise turkeys.

This agricultural team logs a total of approximately 279,000 worker hours yearly. They are responsible for annually producing 12 million turkey eggs; raising 130,000 breeder hens and toms at 18 company and contract facilities in the region; hatching 9 million turkey poults; care for 10 million turkeys that range between 14- 45 pounds each; providing 250,000 tons of feed for those turkeys; and ensuring the safe arrival of birds at the company’s processing plant in California, Mo.

“Cargill has been built on a foundation of integrity and respect, as well as on a commitment to health and safety in the workplace,” says Jason Witt, general manager for Cargill’s turkey operations in mid-Missouri. “Employee safety is one of our top priorities, and our team at California, Mo., takes great pride in promoting and practicing workplace safety. We believe people have the right to thrive as part of Cargill, which means returning home injury-free each day. That safety focus has been woven into Cargill’s cultural fabric over the company’s 150-year history.”