Electro Static Technology, Mechanic Falls, Maine, released the AEGIS high-frequency ground straps, designed to ensure a very low-impedance path to ground for high-frequency currents generated by VFD-driven motors and systems.

Non-zero impedances within a ground system can give rise to transient voltages and ground system currents that can travel along motor shafts and damage motor bearings. The AEGIS HF ground straps consist of 12-inch-long, flat-braided, tinned copper straps with a circular hole on one end for easy installation around the foot-mounting screw of NEMA- or IEC-frame motors and a ring terminal on the opposite end. 

AEGIS Shaft grounding rings provide long-term protection of bearings against damaging VFD-induced currents. By channeling these currents away from bearings and safely to ground through the motor frame, they mitigate frosting and fluting damage, premature bearing failure and costly motor system downtime. Together, they provide system-wide protection against damaging high-frequency currents from motor shaft to earth ground.

Electro Static Technology