Beckhoff Automation, Savage, Minn., opened the doors to its regional sales and support office in San Jose, Calif. The Beckhoff team based there will provide direct sales, engineering and training services to manufacturers across California. The technical center is scheduled to open in December.

Located within close driving distance from locations throughout the San Francisco Bay area and local major airports, the new technical center features approximately 13,000 square feet of total office space, including sales offices, engineering labs, a customer training room and an innovation showroom with advanced PC- and EtherCAT-based automation technologies available for interaction and learning. A special area of focus is Industry 4.0, with concepts demonstrating Smart Factory architectures, industrial cloud-based systems and OPC-UA connectivity for secure “shop floor to top floor” data management. 

“Opening this technical center in San Jose is a major milestone for Beckhoff globally,” says Aurelio Banda, president and CEO. “Our company seeks to establish significant new customer relationships with many of the world’s biggest technology companies, and since Silicon Valley is perhaps the world’s leading technological hotspot, this office perfectly supports our business strategies. Moreover, this office is the tangible embodiment of the continued ambition of Beckhoff to drive the convergence of automation technology and information technology. For our customers, this translates into competitive advantages via high-performance, exceptionally efficient PC-based control solutions.”