Multi-Conveyor, Winneconne, Wis., built a 2:1 servo combiner to transport poly bags of food product that discharge from two customer-supplied wrappers at 90 bags per minute. Products then combine into a single lane at 180 bags per minute for delivery to the customer's secondary packaging equipment.

These stainless-steel, sanitary constructed conveyor lines are equipped with plastic side flexing, straight running chains and polyester metering belts.

There are four servo metering belts in each lane that manipulate the position of each product to assist the powered side belt in merging the two lanes.

The system controls utilize ALLEN BRADLEY PowerFlex 525 VFD’s, Kinetix Ethernet servo drives  and CompactLogix PLC with embedded Ethernet and switches for machine communications and plant data acquisition, all housed in a NEMA 12 remote panel.

Line-mounted devices include a pedestal-mounted Panelview Plus HMI, epoxy coated servo motors with stainless-steel, servo-rated gearboxes, photo eyes, local motor disconnects and stainless-steel terminal boxes.