PowerJak electric pallet trucks from Presto Lifts, Norton, Mass., feature powered lift and powered drive for effortless transport of palletized loads in a wide variety of manufacturing, warehousing and retail applications.

Available with load capacities of 3,000 and 4,500 pounds, these trucks are equipped with heavy-duty reinforced forks that have a lowered height of 3.4 inches and raised height of up to 8 inches.

An ergonomically designed handle puts all controls within easy reach for maximum operator comfort and convenience. Forward- and reverse-drive switches are located on both sides of the handle to accommodate left- or right-hand operation. A turtle speed setting is said to reduce drive speed by 50% for more precise positioning control when working in tight quarters. Dual articulating front casters provide smooth travel on rough or uneven surfaces. An auto-reversing belly switch protects operators from potential injury when walking the unit backwards, and an automatic brake halts travel when the drive/steering handle is released.

A visible and accessible instrument cluster includes a key switch to prevent unauthorized use, an LED battery status indicator, a digital hour meter and an emergency “e”-stop. The electrical system includes an industry-recognized controller and contactors. 

Presto Lifts Inc.