Cambridge Security Seals (CSS), a Pomona, N.Y.-based supplier of tamper-evident seals and asset protection solutions, expanded its manufacturing capacity as part of its effort to combat the trend of growing turnaround times for custom products within the industry.

A key part of Phase II of the multi-year expansion plan includes expanding the physical footprint of its facilities by more than 25% to accommodate the addition of several new high-speed automated production lines designed to increase production capacity by more than 25%.

The expansion also includes the hiring of new manufacturing personnel and increasing the logistics capabilities and warehousing capacity.

“CSS has long recognized that shortening lead times is extremely important to our customers and the industry in general,” says Brian Lyle, president. “By choosing to expand in a way that directly improves our ability to reduce lead times, we have positioned ourselves to more effectively and expediently serve the needs of our customers and the market. The explosive growth of CSS over the past several years necessitated this particular expansion, and we are extremely appreciative of our loyal customers who have so closely worked with us throughout this multi-stage implementation.”