Nor-Lake, Hudson, Wis., enhanced its Chill Smart Blast Chiller Freezer line to offer self-contained refrigeration cabinets with a system designed to rapidly and uniformly decrease the temperature of hot foods to either a chilled or frozen state. The enhanced blast chillers rapidly reduce food temperatures to -40°F, eliminating the threat of bacterial contamination and ensuring food safety.

Capable of chilling product from 194°F to 37°F in 90 minutes in a cycle, these freezers come standard with exclusive food identification controller technology, which automatically adjusts blast-chilling cycles with a single multi-sensor probe and prevents surface freezing and degradation while preserving nutritional values of the food by monitoring temperatures in the core, beneath and on the surface.

Additional features include:

·         Stainless-steel construction inside and out for durability.
Rounded corners on the inside make for simple cleaning.

·         All models feature 20 pre-set blast-chilling cycles, a USB port to download data for simple and dependable application and a multilingual, multi-sector LCD control board that displays interior temperature, product temperature and ventilation speed.

·         Designed to meet current HACCP protocol standards.


Nor-Lake, Inc., a member of the Standex Food Service Equipment Group