Flexport, San Francisco, opened three new offices.

Flexport’s European office is established in Amsterdam, due to its close proximity to Europe’s largest ocean port and third largest cargo airport. In addition, it’s ideally situated as a distribution hub to the rest of Europe; 80% of the EU’s spending power can be reached by truck in under 24 hours.

Another Flexport office is located in Hong Kong because it’s served by two of the largest ocean ports in the world—the Port of Hong Kong and the Port of Shenzhen—and hosts the world’s busiest cargo airport—air cargo from Shenzhen and southern China moves mostly out of HKG airport. Plus, it’s a 5-hour flight from Asia’s largest cities, including Beijing, Tokyo, Shanghai, Seoul and Singapore. Hong Kong is also a free trade port.

And, the newest New York location is a result of being situated near the Port of New York and New Jersey, the largest port on the East Coast. And, the recent Panama Canal expansion is expected to bring cost-effective routing options for Flexport clients based on the Gulf and East Coast.