Bosch Connected Devices and Solutions, Chicago, launched the transport data logger (TDL), bringing transparency into the entire supply chain.

The TDL attaches to the shipment of temperature-sensitive goods and records relevant measured parameters such as temperature, humidity, tilt and shock, making the delivery process visible and traceable. These measurements are then documented and visualized through an app for smartphones and tablets. Since the limits of each parameter can be individually configured, any parameter that exceeds its limit is traceable, thereby ensuring that the appropriate stage of the supply chain is held accountable. In the event that a parameter exceeds its limit, the TDL provides verifiable proof and a reliable indication for possible primary and secondary damage. In the case that no limits are exceeded, the TDL is the evidence of a carefully conducted and failure-free transport chain.

The TDL is individually configurable, intuitive and easy to use, and can stores the data for up to 2 years. Plus, it features IP54 class enclosure protection.

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