ARI, Mount Laurel, N.J., released ARI Vehicle Replacement Prioritization Tool, which empowers fleet managers with direct, online access to data vital in deciding the best time to replace a vehicle.

This new technology helps companies gather and analyze data from their fleets to create a ranked list of which vehicles in their fleets should be replaced first. Customizable for each client, the analysis takes into consideration factors important to the operation of each fleet, prioritizes the replacement needs of the entire fleet and recommends the order of replacements. 

The ARI Replacement Prioritization Tool analyzes eight criteria, including age, mileage, maintenance expenses (for the last year and over a vehicle’s lifetime) and total downtime. It also accounts for how important a vehicle is to the operation of the company. For example, critical vehicles like a crane or a specialized work truck without a backup would be prioritized in the system. It also takes into consideration the lead time for replacement and the availability of like-kind rentals in the ranking process.