Si-Ware Systems, La Canada, Calif., introduced what is said to be the first integrated micro-spectrometer for food safety evaluation.

The NeoSpectra Micro is a small, chip-scale, near infra-red (NIR) spectral sensor that quickly analyzes materials on-site without the need to send samples to a lab.

The device is small enough and thin enough to be incorporated into a smartphone case, an existing mobile product or wearable devices. 

Delivering the same functionality as conventional “bench-top” spectrometers, the integrated NeoSpectra Micro brings the ability to immediately quantify composition, detect impurities and ascertain quality, speeding analysis of samples from days to minutes without the need for off-site lab verification.

NeoSpectra Micro can be an effective solution for original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) targeting the consumer markets. The tiny package includes a MEMS interferometer, photodetector, light source and electronics chips that perform system control and data processing.

How it works is, the sensors determine the spectral content of the input light, and generate spectrum data corresponding to the measured light. NeoSpectra sensors operate in the NIR spectral range between 1,100-2,500nm, enabling material composition analysis and identification in a wide range of application areas. 

Si-Ware Systems