The Manufacturers Association for Plastics Processors (MAPP), Indianapolis, Ind., conducted its keystone benchmarking study the annual State of the Plastics Industry Report. The study resulted in a benchmarking report that analyzes and highlights information on the anticipated outlook for the U.S. plastics industry for 2017.

This report showcases data on sales trends, production tooling, raw material, capital expenditures, money and profits, production employees and challenges faced in the industry. The overall objective is to provide company executives with a comprehensive overview of conditions in the industry for 2017.

The report reveals optimism for 2017, and explores challenges facing the industry overall. New questions to further understand the future of the industry include new activities being implemented to improve competitiveness, new technologies impacting the plastics industry, new trends in customer demands and anticipated off-shoring trends.

“One of MAPP’s primary mission objectives focuses on creating practical business benchmarks to help senior executives make better, more informed decisions, and we feel this report showcases this fact,” says Troy Nix, executive director.