WeighPack Systems, Las Vegas, introduced the new Bingo Bagger for pre-made polyethylene or laminated wicketed bags.

This robust machine, built in heavy-duty welded stainless steel, runs various size bags and operates at speeds of up to 25 cycles per minute. Vacuum packaging and gas flush options make it ideal for foodservice packaging needs.

A bag holding device with micrometer wheels and triple-axis handling options maintains accuracy while a simplified, single pneumatic sealing unit>  perform the complete bag closing operation. No adjustments needed to align the jaws.

Other key features include a quick-disconnect hopper for time-efficient changeovers, an air reservoir for constant pressure and pneumatic stability and a > trim unit for rapid removal and easy disposal.

The open-frame body facilitates quick, hassle-free cleaning. The Bingo Bagger is also equipped with casters, making it a versatile packaging solution suitable for refrigerated and frozen foods.>

WeighPack Systems, a Paxiom Group company