Teledyne DALSA, a Canada-based Teledyne Technologies company, released image sensors, which enable fast, high-resolution monochrome, color and near-infrared (NIR) imaging for document scanning, parcel sorting, glass and wood inspection among countless other challenging quality applications.

Sensors are available in resolutions from 2k to 16k with the following features:

Fast line rates. Data throughput up to 1.1 Gpix/s for improved productivity allows faster scanning in less time.

True color imaging. 3-line Red/Green/Blue, 4-line Red/Green/Blue/NIR and bilinear subsampled color.

Common interface. Common pinouts, data interfaces, control interfaces and mechanical connectivity enable easier design-in for multiple sensor solutions.

Multi-line scan with independent exposure control. The ability to control the amount of light hitting every line enables dynamic white balancing and flexible lighting for advanced defect detection.

High bit depth on-Chip ADC. Enables enhanced dynamic range and low noise by minimizing issues due to quantization. Improved overall contrast for more image clarity.

Vertically integrated design, development and manufacturing. A vertically integrated turnkey solution includes a single manufacturing path from wafer probe to packaged part test.

Teledyne DALSA