Lizard Monitoring, Carson City, Nev., developed automated data collection for the cold chain, enabling detection and prediction of refrigeration failures for food retailers, manufacturers and distributors. 

To collect temperature, humidity and other data, Lizard provides an array of battery-powered wireless sensors designed to collect real-time data from every cold point in any environment, including vehicles. Lizard then processes this information on cloud servers with various algorithms to provide alerts and an audit trail from in-facility staff across distributed locations. This allows management at several layers of the facility or regional hierarchy to easily see exceptions to centrally set limits and track causes on any device in real-time.

Lizard uses proven algorithms to determine actual food temperature from measured air temperature and also calculates the exact time-temperature exposure of product food easily.  Equipment failure prediction and excessive energy expenditure can also be identified.

Additional advantages entail:

  • Lizard sensors measure temp to +/- 0.5°C with continuous real-time feeds, visible on any device.
  • Simple SMS, email and voice notifications and friendly UI makes the audit trail simple for team members.
  • Holistic visibility across the facilities and vehicles track resolution of temperature events, trends and analytics.
  • The equipment reports back on how well it’s working. 
  • Users can access data and alert notifications via a REST API or Amazon Simple Notification Service (SNS).

Lizard Monitoring