Emmi Roth, Fitchburg, Wis., introduced a new look for its Roth brand of specialty cheeses from Wisconsin. The new labels are designed to help consumers better navigate the specialty cheese case and help them learn more ways to incorporate cheese into everyday cooking and entertaining.

Each cheese’s label features unique usage suggestions, such as “Add to a sandwich” or “Melt over nachos;” pairing ideas, like “Pairs well with lager or fruit;” as well as tasting notes like “Mild & Buttery” or “Spicy & Creamy” to help consumers understand their cheese selections.

“Over the years, we’ve continued to hear how complex the purchasing experience is for the average cheese buyer,” says Tim Omer, president and managing director. “Our Wisconsin-made Roth specialty cheeses are made for everyday occasions. It is our goal and our responsibility to help consumers better understand the cheeses they’re buying. This new packaging does that, and we’re really excited to see the new labels hit shelves.”

The new labels will appear on all Roth cheeses – from retail cuts of Havarti to wheels of Grand Cru and more.