Choptank Transport, Preston, Md., launched a new brand strategy and logo design to align with its recent growth and technology-driven logistics services.

“Choptank has grown over the years, and we are not the same company we were when we first opened our doors. We need to let the industry know who we are today – rated as a top 3PL, with sophisticated logistics technology, real-time tracking capabilities and highly trained sales and logistics professionals,” says Geoff Turner, president and CEO. “Our new logo and brand strategy directly reflects our company’s evolution and fast adoption of leading-edge technologies.”

The new corporate brand was heavily influenced by the company’s core values—commit, adapt, grow and succeed.

“In our case, creating a new logo and brand identity meant finding the right design elements, colors and composition that best represent our company relating to our customers, our carriers and the people who work here,” adds Brian Fox, one of the company’s marketing managers. “The final mark is clean, concise and powerful.”

The new logo sports a bold color palette. The traditional, bright Choptank red accents the strong, patriotic navy blue. The circular image evokes movement, a key element in the transportation industry, with symbolic overtones of both a steering wheel and the letter C, representing Choptank. The circular center power button assures that Choptank is “always on.”