Choptank Transport, a leading third-party logistics provider, announced the promotion of Julie Mallon to Senior Data Analyst as part of the company’s growing Business Intelligence team.

“Julie has been an invaluable addition to the growth of our technology team, says Josh Bergling, Vice President of Technology at Choptank. “We are thrilled to have her heading up this essential new role.”

Mallon received her biology degree from Boston University and a master’s degree in wildlife management from West Virginia University. Most recently she acquired her Ph.D. from the University of Maryland, College Park, where she studied bird migrations.

“It's no surprise she picked up logistics work so quickly,” says Jason Howard, Choptank Transport Director of Data Science and Analytics. “She traded in the study of birds moving around the country for the study of freight movement. She has brought with her research skills, statistical tools, creativity, and enthusiasm that we are happy to have in our team.”

As a quantitative researcher, Mallon has used her almost decade-long experience with big data and statistical methodology to pioneer new solutions within the transportation and logistics industry, specific to Choptank.  

Her work includes planning and routing analysis of temperature-controlled less-than-truckload freight, using machine learning to increase efficiencies through new algorithms that analyze order lanes, schedules, and order details to automate configurations of the most efficient routes and number of trucks. Mallon also is working with Choptank software engineers to redesign how LTL data is stored, as well as several other significant projects.

Improvements such as these allow logistics teams to spend less time on antiquated manual tasks by automating processes to improve speed and eliminate errors.  As these projects progress, Choptank’s specialty services teams are given more time to focus on customer service and client growth.  

About Choptank Transport 

Choptank Transport is part of a $213.5 billion industry of U.S. third-party logistics companies that match a variety of freight services with shippers who have products to be transported.  Choptank specializes in truckload freight, less-than-truckload, refrigerated and dry, as well as rail, air and sea movement.  Choptank’s headquarters is in Preston, Maryland, with five other locations nationwide, including Tampa, Dallas, Atlanta, Denver, and Baltimore.  A new location in Easton, Maryland is scheduled to open this fall.