Videojet Technologies, Wooddale, Ill., introduced the Videojet 2351 and 2361 high-resolution large character inkjet printers for producers with on-demand case coding operations.

Leveraging the patented technology of the Videojet 2300 Series, the new Videojet 2351 and 2361 print high-quality, durable barcodes, text and images on white and brown corrugated boxes.

The 2351 and 2361 also feature Videojet-patented automatic micro-purge technology that blows dirt and debris off the printhead surface. This technology clears potential blockages caused by dust from corrugated materials and helps deliver consistently high-quality codes without the need for operator intervention. Purged ink is recycled, providing cleaner operation and less cost from optimized ink usage. Moreover, each printer’s compact ink canister can be quickly and easily changed without stopping production.

The Videojet 2351 and 2361 boast a built-in intuitive touch controller featuring Videojet CLARiTY software. This software streamlines data content, helping to remove operator error from job selection. Also, a new feature drives the printer priming process to eliminate the need for external priming equipment. Networking is also easily done with multiple printers in a master-follower configuration with multiple devices such as scanners and data interfaces.


Videojet Technologies, Inc.