After months of construction, G&C Foods, Syracuse, N.Y., completed a 70,000-square-foot warehouse addition at its 3407 Walters Road location, bringing total warehouse space to 364,000 square feet.

This increase in space will allow the company to not only expand its product offerings to customers, but also recruit a number of new employees locally in Syracuse.

“This has been a large project for G&C. We feel fortunate to have this growth in our company, and in turn, be able to help our local community by employing more people. We are excited about the possibilities ahead, and look forward to the opportunities this will provide for us and our customers,” says Rich Chapman, president.

The newly added warehouse space will be used to store dry foods, in turn opening up current space in its warehouse for additional refrigerated and frozen products. Next steps include finishing the new racking, moving products into the space and completing a new employee entrance to the offices.