A new stand-alone dust collector from Flexicon, Bethlehem, Pa., removes airborne dust from upstream processes, and discharges it into containers positioned below the collection hopper.

The housing is equipped with a 6-inch-diameter side inlet port, dual filter cartridges, a 2HP (1.5 kW) fan motor, a 70-liter collection hopper with flanged slide gate valve and automated controls.

Any upstream process that generates dust can be vented to the system through hard piping or a flexible connection, drawing dust onto dual filter cartridges. At timed intervals, an automatic reverse-pulse filter cleaning system releases short blasts of compressed plant air inside the filters, causing dust buildup on the outer filter surfaces to fall into the hopper. Because the filters are blasted alternately at timed intervals with adjustable force, operation of the dust collection system is both continuous and efficient.

An indicator light on the control panel notifies operators when the receiving hopper is full. The slide gate at the hopper outlet can be opened manually, allowing collected material to gravity discharge into a container.

The system's stainless-steel housing and support structure, together with NEMA 4X water-resistant controls and washdown-duty fan motor, allow rapid cleaning or sanitizing of the entire unit between product runs.

Flexicon Corp.