Dr. Praeger’s, Elmwood Park, N.J., introduced four new frozen seafood meals.

The new wild-caught Alaskan Pollock fish bites and burgers are nutritiously dense, high in protein with no saturated fat, trans fat or preservatives, and are said to be the only Marine Stewardship Council-certified fish products with added vegetables, such as carrots, celery, bell peppers, leeks and more.

“More and more consumers, particularly Millennials, are looking for the convenience of quick, nutritious meals and snacks right from the freezer, and they’re turning to sustainable seafood as a healthy alternative to meat,” says Larry Praeger, chief executive officer. “Fish is a great source of protein. Incorporating veggies adds flavor and nutrients, and options like bites and burgers make them easier to eat any time of day.”

Crunchy and dippable, Dr. Praeger’s new Fish Bites are snack-style finger foods that boast 11-12 grams of protein per serving. They come in Fish Taco Bites, which entail Cilantro, jalapeño and a hint of lime, and Buffalo Fish Bites, which consist of Buffalo seasoning to give a kick of heat to the crunchy breaded bites of wild-caught Pollock adorned with celery and carrots.

Grill-ready Fish Burgers offer a lean alternative to red meat and come in Spinach Potato Pollock (wild-caught Pollock with spinach, potato, onion and leeks) and Black Bean Chipotle (wild-caught Pollock blended with black beans, veggies, such as corn, red peppers, onions and more, and a spicy chipotle seasoning).

The new Fish Bites (which come in 10-ounce boxes) and 4-pack Fish Burgers are sold at Whole Foods Market, Kroger and select natural food stores and conventional grocers nationwide for a suggested retail price of $5.99.