EVS, Boulder, Colo., sold the intellectual property rights to its integrated process manufacturing software to Infor, New York.

Developed in 2014, EVS’ warehouse management solutions are currently in use among Infor’s enterprise customers in the food manufacturing industry. The module was developed in Infor’s Mongoose framework to work seamlessly with the Infor CloudSuite Industrial ERP. The software makes it easy to manage formulas, schedule and build batches based on flexible manufacturing specifications and monitor and respond to evolving regulatory environments.

This IP sale aligns with EVS’ focus on evolving its latest cloud-based enterprise warehouse management software mobe3 and supporting its other proprietary products such as O2 Process Manufacturing and O2 Mobile Warehouse.

“We’re proud of what we have built and integrated into Infor CloudSuite to help Infor’s customers overcome the product development, accounting and regulatory complexities of their industries,” says Evan Garber, chief executive officer of EVS. “By moving ownership to Infor, we’re able to entrust our product to an industry leader. We can now put our full energy towards our passion—creating the most thoughtful, beautiful and powerful WMS in the world.” 

Through the acquisition of Process Industry Pack, Infor now owns all of the intellectual property rights for Infor CloudSuite Process Manufacturing. The transaction will cause no disruption or changes for Infor CloudSuite Process Manufacturing customers, and Infor will continue to manage the product’s evolution to maintain customer satisfaction.