JDA Software, Inc., Scottsdale, Ariz., announced JDA Luminate, what is dubbed as a first-of-its-kind portfolio of next-generation solutions and core product enhancements.

JDA Luminate is built on an open, cognitive and connected platform that embraces digital edge technologies such as software-as-a-service (SaaS), Internet of Things (IoT), artificial intelligence (AI) and advanced analytics.

JDA Luminate connects stores, distribution centers, logistics sites and manufacturing plants in a digital network, using edge technologies such as machine learning, AI and social media, news, events and weather (SNEW) data to power a global supply chain network. JDA Luminate also integrates applications, enhancements to core JDA applications, inclusion of a global technology partner ecosystem and cutting-edge innovations.

New SaaS and Edge applications include:

JDA Luminate Assortment. Enables fast, visual assortment development and hyper-localization, leveraging data science to identify unique customer signals driven by purchase behaviors, and to channel shopping preferences with the ability to predict product relevance by customer group and location and prescriptive inventory quantities for every location of the enterprise.

JDA Luminate ControlTower. Builds upon real-time visibility across the extended supply chain, enabling cognitive insights across planning and execution, collaboration across multiple enterprises, combined with machine learning based prescriptive issue resolution.

JDA Luminate Demand. Develops highly accurate forecasts leveraging machine learning that includes additional demand influencers like the impact of weather, social sentiment, news and local events.

JDA Luminate Factory. Delivers IoT-enabled collaborative production planning and scheduling that leverages predictive visibility and alerts, as well as prescriptive analytics, while respecting real-time constraints.

JDA Luminate Strategic Planning. Integrates dynamic demand, supply, financial and new product launch data into one business view, and leverages machine learning-based segmentation, structured and unstructured data analysis and self-tuning and predictive mechanisms for greater business insights and planning.

JDA Luminate StoreOptimizer. Delivers a holistic view of store events and operations by leveraging data to optimize workflows, simplifying decision-making for store associates and managers to unlock more time to focus on delivering excellent customer service.

JDA Luminate Supply. Uses internal and external supply signals to proactively identify and resolve supply issues. Leverages real-time sensing of external influences on supply (facilitated by alerts from SNEW, IoT and other digital signals), allowing systems to self-heal and make autonomous decisions to remediate supply risk and achieve higher service levels. 

JDA Luminate Transport. Leverages enhanced real-time visibility and analytics to accurately predict disruptions to planned transportation, self-diagnose root causes to exceptions and correlate those events to impactful remediation. Over time, self-tuning mechanisms adapt solution quality to adjust to changes and prevent disruptions.

JDA Luminate Warehouse. Enables task optimization through AI and machine learning by bringing together actual work tasks, travel distance, task duration and completion time, coupled with real-time positioning of people, machines and inventory, resulting in balanced, prioritized and prescriptive tasks to eliminate congestion and improve completion throughput. 

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