Sysco Corp., Houston, Texas, expanded its Cutting Edge Solutions platform with a slew of new products.

“These new product offerings to our Cutting Edge Solutions platform demonstrates our commitment to be our customers’ most valued and trusted business partner,” says Brian Todd, senior vice president of merchandising. “We are featuring the latest on-trend flavors and versatile product solutions.”

Sysco Classic Ultra-Thin Chicken Breasts. Pre-flattened boneless, skinless chicken breasts save operators time on menu favorites like chicken parmesan and chicken piccata.

Portico Simply All-Natural Chemical-Free Shrimp. Chemical-free shrimp.

Sysco Classic Asian-Style Chicken Bites. A take on traditional Japanese fried chicken, these bites are made from tender, juicy, No Antibiotics Ever chicken marinated in a soy-ginger brine with a golden crispy coating.

Sysco Classic Chicken Katsu. These crunchy, panko-crusted sandwich-size chicken thighs come with a ready-to-prepare homemade appearance.

Sysco Classic Sous Vide Bone-In Short Rib. With their thaw, heat-and-serve format, these tender-braised and slow-cooked sous-vide bone-in short ribs are ideal for adding a premium entrée to menus.

Sysco Imperial Sous Vide Lamb. Cooked low and slow sous-vide-style, these lamb products are ready to heat and serve in any application from center-of-the-plate bowls and ethnic-inspired sandwiches.

Land O’Lakes Extra Melt® Sharp American Premium Cheese Slices. Enhance cheese texture on burgers and sandwiches with this super thick, extra melty premium American cheese.

Portico Classic Quinoa-Crusted Shrimp. This healthier version of fried shrimp is lightly seasoned with garlic and herbs and coated with a hearty blend of panko rice crumbs and quinoa ancient grains.

Raised & Rooted Nuggets Made with Plants. These crispy, tempura-battered, plant-protein nuggets deliver a "meaty" texture.