Melton Technologies, Winston-Salem, N.C., partnered with SatMARS, a European-based security solutions provider. This cross-platform integration will bring advanced dispatching solutions to the European market while providing U.S. Horizon Software Suite customers the SatMARS trucking security solutions.

Melton Technologies’ Horizon Software Suite is a cloud-based solution that enables drivers to receive dispatching details along with the details of HOS (hours of service) more effectively and without any delays.

The combination of the two companies enables customers to control many aspects of their dispatching needs in one place. This super software includes dispatch, billing, settlement, cargo tracking, temperature control and trailer security.

"We have a relationship with Marc Melzner and his family as well as SatMARS that goes back years. His father was a pioneer in Germany with on-board systems in the truck back in the '90s. As a result of that bond, there is a synergy and a commitment to completely open platforms between the two companies, so that we provide an all-in-one solution, whether in the U.S. or in Europe,” says Chuck Melton, owner and founder of Melton Technologies. “It's certainly not hard to imagine when all commercial vehicles, tractors, trailers and specialized equipment will be part of the digital world. Whether you simply want to track equipment, control temperature in trailers or employ more sophisticated trailer security system, we can now address those needs in addition to our Horizon suite of dispatching and fleet management products.”