CTI (Chromatic Technologies Inc.), Colorado Springs, Colo., introduced BlindSpotz technology, what is said to be the first dual-indicator to detect product tampering from heat and freezing.

BlindSpotz Tamper Freeze and Tamper Heat inks show color and messaging when thieves use heat or cold to tamper with packages, documents, seals, tape, labels or other packaging substrates. 

Tamper Freeze inks turn from clear to blue when exposed to temperatures below -10°C while Tamper Heat turns from gray to orange (or gray to pink) if exposed to heat greater than 65°C.

Tamper Freeze ink is said to be the only tamper-evident product on the market to identify sub-freezing tampering.  

Meanwhile, Tamper Heat ink maintains color if exposed to very high temperatures (greater than 100°C for instance), and can be printed with adhesives and over-print varnishes.

BlindSpotz technology prints sensors on-pack to measure temperature compliance, confirm high-pressure processing (HPP) pasteurization and detect tampering or water damage. They’re both available in UV Flexo and water-based ink systems.

Chromatic Technologies Inc.