Weis Markets, Sunbury, Pa., announced plans to invest $109 million during 2019 to build new stores, remodel existing locations, make supply chain improvements and upgrade continued information technology.

“As part of our company’s commitment to long-term growth, we will invest roughly $109 million in our store base and support areas,” says Jonathan Weis, chairman and CEO. “This includes a new store in Bedminster, Pa., as well as 14 store remodels, six fuel centers and supply chain and information technology investments.”

“Our e-commerce investments helped generate a 33.2% increase in our online sales,” adds Weis. “Today, we offer online ordering with curbside pickup in 125 stores, while 174 of our stores offer home delivery via Shipt, a leading online delivery service. Online ordering is a growing segment of our business that we expect to grow exponentially in the coming years.”

The company is also celebrating the 10th anniversary of its sustainability program, which is designed to minimize its overall impact on the environment.

“Over the past 10 years, our team has made considerable progress with our sustainability program, far exceeding our initial expectations,” Weis says. “In 2015, we met our 2020 goal of reducing our total carbon emissions by 20% compared to 2008, five years ahead of schedule; we look forward to building on our progress in the years ahead.”