ColdAvenger, Missoula, Mont., introduced the ColdAvenger Outlaw Face Mask, featuring a bandana-like design complete with ventilation technology for cold weather protection.

Made from soft weather-reflecting fleece that traps body heat and deflects outside cold air, this mask combines the warmth of a pro soft-shell with the added convenience of extending the material to cover and protect the front of your neck.

The medical-grade soft polyurethane ventilator creates a microclimate around the face by mixing inhaled cold air with exhaled warm air to achieve a dynamic balance of warmth and humidity while keeping moisture away from the face. The ColdAvenger’s patented ventilation technology keeps temperatures inside the mask 40-60°F higher than outside air.

The face mask also features soft shell fleece that is resistant to wind and moisture, but is still breathable and insulating, with each exposed edge finished with Lycra banding for comfort and durability.