MHI, Charlotte, N.C., collaborated with Oxford Economics, UK, to produce “Handling the US Economy: The Economic Impact of the Material Handling Industry,” a report that explores the relationship between material handling and wider economy of the supply chain.

The survey found that “the economic contribution of this industry extends far beyond the locations where [equipment] is manufactured or designed.”

Material handling firms are helping to support more industries as time goes on and the economic impact of this support is widespread.  

“This report shows just how important the material handling industry is to keeping our economy thriving. Not only do we provide the actual goods that handle materials, [but] we also provide support services such as consulting, leasing and design services to generate more value throughout the supply chain and the wider economic environment,” says George Prest, chief executive officer of MHI. “We’re excited to share this information with you to help you with your business decisions down the road.”