ProSpection Solutions announced that Jeff Rowen has been hired as Vice President of Sales & Customer Relations. He has responsibility for strategic direction of sales and partnerships with companies to automate food inspection and to bring focus on labor to add value.

“We are fortunate to have someone of Rowen’s caliber and experience. Jeff has more than 30 years key leadership and senior management expertise in the protein industry, including Beef, Pork, Case-Ready and Bacon industry segments. Rowen’s extensive background in the protein industry will provide insight and value-added solutions to our customers as they refocus labor to value added positions,” says Jeff Youngs, President and CEO of Prospection Solutions.

“I am extremely excited to be joining the ProSpection Solutions team, the industry leader in Low-Density Foreign Material Detection and package inspection. ProSpection has an incredibly talented and innovative team that uniquely positions itself to capitalize on the demands for superior automation and inspection. I look forward to partnering with companies to find solutions to add value and refocus labor wherever possible. We will provide solutions to meet the needs and overall goals with our customers through strong partnerships,” says Rowen.

About ProSpection Solutions

Founded in 2012 ProSpection Solutions is an industry-leader in inspection technology, with state-of-the-art vision equipment. ProSpection Solutions provides vision solutions for Rollstock package systems, identifying defects within the process and removing them. The Eliminator Grinder, which removes foreign material during the grind process, will give companies the competitive edge with the best ground product seen in the protein business today.