NutTEC Manufacturing recently collaborated with a meat processing customer to increase the speed and flexibility of their NuTEC formers. The new designs streamline food forming changeovers and eliminate hours of labor.

The stand-alone pack-off conveyor rolls up to the machine and quickly connects, allowing food processors to change packaging methods. 

To switch from making stacked, boxed patties for foodservice to depositing products into trays and overwrapping for retail, they simply unplug the pack-off conveyor, move the tray conveyor into place, make a few connections and they are up and running. It takes a matter of minutes to change versus hours that were previously required to remove the machine-mounted conveyor. 

The same process is also possible for NuTEC’s shuttle conveyor, cuber, and flattener accessories. The new design is a huge step toward making NuTEC equipment even more flexible for today’s processors.