The Global Cold Chain Alliance (GCCA) and the Cold Chain Federation (CCF) announced that they have entered into a formal partnership agreement that builds on a 20-plus year affiliation between the two organizations and signals a new commitment to building knowledge, networking opportunities and insights across borders.

“We are delighted to partner with GCCA in this way, giving CCF members access to an international knowledge bank, as well as opening the way for international opportunities and networking,” said CCF Chief Executive Shane Brennan. “Over three years CCF has grown massively in its profile and impact, building a range and events and services to benefit UK cold chain professionals. By partnering with GCCA we can add their vast experience and expert resources to our membership offer.” 

The CCF and GCCA partnership was announced at the European Cold Chain Conference in Rotterdam on March 25.

“GCCA is a truly global network with members in over 80 countries. By reinforcing our strong links to CCF we are able to bring more UK professionals into our network and utilize their knowledge to gain insight that benefits all our members,” said GCCA President and CEO Matthew R. Ott. “We are very excited by the opportunities that collaboration with CCF can bring to GCCA and vice versa. We are keen to support and partner with independent national organizations like CCF, and we look forward to exploring ways to build further collaborative ventures that strengthen both organizations’ offer to members in all areas of the cold chain industry.”

The two groups will be hosting a joint meeting and celebration of their renewed partnership at the Celtic Manor Resort, Newport Wales, on July 14.  

About the Global Cold Chain Alliance
Comprised of its Core Partners, including the International Association of Refrigerated Warehouses (IARW), the World Food Logistics Organization (WFLO), the International Refrigerated Transportation Association (IRTA), and the Controlled Environment Building Association (CEBA), the Global Cold Chain Alliance (GCCA) represents all major industries engaged in temperature-controlled logistics. GCCA unites all partners to be innovative leaders in the temperature-controlled products industry.

About Cold Chain Federation 
The Cold Chain Federation is the new company identity of the Food Storage and Distribution Federation. The organization became FSDF in 2008, prior to this it was called the Cold Storage and Distribution Federation. It became CSDF in 1953. When it was founded in 1911, it was called the National Cold Storage Federation.