Plate Belt Tunnel Freezer Crust Freezes Hard To Handle Products

The new Cryoline PB plate belt tunnel freezer from Linde is a liquid nitrogen-powered freezer optimized to crust freeze a variety of difficult to handle products such as raw, marinated proteins, sauced foods, semi-liquid products and more. A specially-designed solid stainless-steel segmented conveyor belt is chilled in the freezer to cryogenic temperatures.  As products are placed on the conveyor belt, the outside surface is quickly crust frozen by contact with the cold surface and cold airflow. This crust freezing locks in moisture, brine, marinade, or sauces so that there are minimal losses in downstream processing steps.


OctoFrost multi-level impingement freezer

Impingment Freezer Suited For Variety Of Products, Including Seafood

The OctoFrost multi-level impingement freezer provides a rapid freezing method using high-speed airstream above and below the product. Suited for thin food products, including hamburgers, fish/chicken fillets, shrimp and dumplings, it also can be used for crust freezing prior to slicing. The high-speed circulating air achieves quick freezing in minutes, guaranteeing low product dehydration and premium quality. It eliminates the need for liquid nitrogen, using three conveyor straight belts to double production capacity per square meter of factory space. The freezer has the possibility to install glazers at both ends, providing a significant competitive advantage when glazing frozen seafood.


QFR Zone blast freezing alternative

Flexibility For Quickly Freezing Palletized Products

When Tippmann Group introduced the QFR Zone blast freezing alternative more than 10 years ago, the industry changed the way it looked at freezing their palletized products. Now, with more than 16,000 QFR Zone pallet positions sold, Tippmann Group’s model of continuous improvement has made the most efficient blast freezing solution ever invented even better. New Pallet Fit doors provide more flexibility than ever for freezing palletized product fast, allowing pallets of all sizes to be placed in the system … full pallets, partial pallets, single layer pallets, or no pallet at all, eliminating the need for plug pallets.

Tippmann Group