The Real Good Food Company, Inc. announced the expansion of its breakfast platform with new Breakfast Bowls and Breakfast Bites.

Real Good Foods’ Breakfast Bowls are made from nutritious ingredients, including Real Good Foods’ Crispy Tots, along with whole eggs, cheese and traditional breakfast proteins. Real Good Foods’ Breakfast Bites are made with an innovative, grain-free shell, using clean, real food ingredients such as Lupin bean and cauliflower, and stuffed with eggs, cheese and traditional breakfast proteins.

“These breakfast offerings are the result of our mission to make our favorite comfort foods more nutritious and improve human health. Our community continues to push us to provide nutritious and convenient options at breakfast, and I am proud of our talented and dedicated team that worked hard to make these innovative items possible,” said Bryan Freeman, executive chairman of The Real Good Food Company. “Unlike other breakfast options on shelves today that are made with processed grains and are loaded with carbohydrates, our new, nutritious breakfast items have a limited amount of carbs, made 100% grain-free, and are loaded with protein.”

Real Good Foods’ new Breakfast Bites and Breakfast Bowls are now available in select grocery stores across the U.S., including, Kroger, Publix, Safeway and more.

About The Real Good Food Company
Founded in 2016, Real Good Foods believes there is a better way to enjoy our favorite foods. Its brand commitment, "Real Food You Feel Good About Eating," represents the Company's strong belief that, by eating its food, consumers can enjoy more of their favorite foods and, by doing so, live better lives as part of a healthier lifestyle. Its mission is to make nutritious comfort foods that are low in carbohydrates, high in protein, and made from gluten and grain free real ingredients more accessible to everyone, improve human health, and, in turn, improve the lives of millions of people. Real Good Foods offers delicious options across breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacking occasions available in over 16,000 stores nationwide, including Walmart, Costco, Kroger, and Target, and directly from its website.