Godshall’s, America’s third-largest turkey bacon brand, is bringing another innovation to consumers with the launch of Godshall’s All-Natural Uncured Canadian Turkey Bacon at Sam’s Club.

Made with U.S. raised turkey, Godshall’s All-Natural Uncured Canadian Turkey Bacon is thick cut and boasts a delicious real wood smoked flavor imparted from their signature blend of hardwoods like Hickory and Applewood. In addition, the new innovation contains no MSG, gluten or nitrates and packs 12 grams of protein with only 90 calories per serving.

“To date, Canadian Turkey Bacon has been a niche subcategory, with only Godshall’s and one other company producing it. The launch into Sam’s Club will be the first time that Canadian Turkey Bacon is available nationwide. With Godshall’s being the third largest turkey bacon brand in America, we anticipate that this new product will become an instant hit with consumers looking for a delicious and hearty bacon alternative,” said Francis Yupangco, Godshall’s executive director of Marketing.

Godshall’s Canadian Turkey Bacon will debut at all Sam’s Club locations nationwide. It will be sold in a 20-ounce package (two 10-ounce packs together) with a retail price of $8.94.  

Godshall's Canadian Turkey Bacon comes in a thick-cut round slice and can be pan fried, air fried or heated in the microwave. It is perfect for quick meals or enjoyed as part of a hearty brunch on its own or on a breakfast sandwich. 

About Godshall’s
Since 1945, Godshall’s has grown into a thriving company with facilities in Telford, Lebanon and Souderton, Pennsylvania. Godshall’s is dedicated to supplying premium smoked meat to customers worldwide. In 2017, Godshall's converted to an employee-owned company with nearly 600 employee-owners. From a local family butcher shop, to an international supplier of meat delicacies, the company never lost track of its mission to provide wholesome premium meat products to family tables everywhere.