Just Made, a maker of tropical beverages crafted with functional ingredients and high-pressure processing (HPP), are now available in over 300 new stores, including select Costco, Meijer, Lidl and Key Food stores, and in 11 states: Michigan, Indiana, Illinois, Ohio, Kentucky, Wisconsin, Connecticut, Massachusetts, New Jersey, New York and Pennsylvania.

“We are excited to bring our nutrient-dense juices, smoothies and lemonades crafted with functional ingredients to 11 new states and over 300 new stores,” said Just Made Founder and CEO Walter Nimocks.“We are especially excited about the launch of our new premium smoothie line because it’s lower in sugar than most smoothies, with only 15–24 grams of sugar and 150–160 calories per serving, and it’s packed with one billion probiotics. Just Made provides a long overdue, new, healthy option in the ready-to-drink smoothie category — one with less sugar, more nutrition and more flavor.”

All three of Just Made’s smoothies — Avocado Greens, Mango Carrot Ginger and Beets & Berries Ginger — are made with traditional produce from the Caribbean and Latin America. Just Made HPPs all their beverages, juice, lemonades and smoothies, with Texas Food Solution, the largest HPP facility in the Southwest. Just Made’s smoothies have an SRP of $4.49–$5.49 and are available in BPA-free, 100% plant-based PET bottles.

“Many leading smoothies are loaded with added sugar and have been processed with nutrient-depleting heat pasteurization, but Just Made’s use game-changing, high-pressure pasteurization, or HPP. That means our fresh tropical fruit is pasteurized with cold water at high pressure, so our smoothies have better taste, nutrition and quality of calories, giving customers a smarter choice. We’re happy that Just Made can provide a healthy and delicious smoothie — it’s what you’d make if you lived in the Caribbean or Latin America,” Nimocks said.

About Just Made
Just Made is dedicated to developing delicious, healthy, nutrient-dense juices, smoothies and lemonades that are crafted with functional ingredients and innovative cool-temperature, high-pressure pasteurization, HPP. HPP delivers more flavor and nutritional value than traditional heat pasteurization. Just Made was founded by Walter and Norka Nimocks. While living and traveling in South America, the Nimocks encountered a huge variety of delicious tropical juices that also offered superior health benefits. Walter and Norka were inspired to launch Just Made by blending memories of drinking fresh juices at home in Ecuador, purpose-led farming partnerships and premium, nutritious ingredients. Just Made is a Certified Minority/Woman-Owned Business Enterprise (MWBE) and is B Corp Certified.