Nucor Warehouse Systems announced its new corporate responsibility and sustainability initiative, Closed Loop Sustainability. As the only company offering a true recycling program for rack systems, this allows customers to find innovative ways to meet sustainability goals by reducing the need to source new steel. When a warehouse needs to be retrofitted with rack that may be old, out of compliance or damaged, Nucor Warehouse Systems can dismantle and recycle existing rack and then use the material to re-engineer and install a new rack system, keeping all steps of the process under Nucor Corporation as the largest steel manufacturer in North America.  

The Closed Loop Sustainability Process: 

  • Extract: dismantle existing/old rack. 
  • Process: melt old rack into raw material. 
  • Reform: produce stronger, safer rack.
  • Install: closing the recycling loop and achieving sustainability.

“Over the years, we’ve built the company to be a reliable partner for customers during every step of the warehouse process and we are proud to offer our Closed Loop Sustainability initiative as a part of the largest steel recycler in North America. We are always looking to the future and how we can ensure customers are receiving the highest quality products and services to be one step ahead of the competition,” said Reed Reynolds, commercial director at Nucor Warehouse Systems.  

Nucor Warehouse Systems is proud to be a part of Nucor as the largest recycler of steel in North America, with75.4% of its products made from recycled content. Nucor's steel mill greenhouse gas emissions are just 25% of the global average and is the seventh largest corporate buyer of renewable energy in the United States. Nucor Econiq is the world’s first net-zero carbon steel at scale, introduced to offer steel consumers emissions-free steel products to help support sustainability goals. 

About Nucor Warehouse Systems  
Nucor Warehouse Systems uses its national manufacturing and distribution, coupled with its vast resources from Nucor companies to design, plan, manufacture and build the best warehouses in North America. For almost 40 years, Nucor Warehouse Systems has continued to innovate rack as well as evolve into what the company offers today, including helping meet customer sustainability goals with its Closed Loop Sustainability program, consulting and integration services. Proudly a Fortune 100 company, Nucor was voted Best Company for Women, Best CEO, Best Diversity and Best Company Culture in 2022.