3-A approval, which is the gold standard for hygienic food equipment design, has been awarded to the HRS MR Series and DTAR Series of hygienic corrugated tube heat exchangers, completing the full range of HRS hygienic heat exchangers, including the R Series scraped surface model. The approval recognizes a number of design features, including smooth welding and the fact that any surface which comes into contact with the product can be mechanically cleaned, or easily dismantled for manual cleaning and inspection. 

The HRS MR Series of shell and tube corrugated tube heat exchangers are designed for product-to-product heat recovery. The MR Series is completely constructed from stainless steel for sanitary applications, such as food and beverage manufacture. The product flows through both the inner tube and the surrounding shell for regeneration duties, while the removable tubes allow hygienic processing on the shell side. 

Product that has already been heated can be run past cold incoming product in order to pre-heat it, reducing the amount of energy needed to bring the new product up to pasteurization temperature. A floating protection system eliminates the risks of cracks and therefore cross contamination of product. In addition, HRS corrugation technology means that heat transfer and efficiency are increased over standard smooth tube heat exchangers while fouling is minimized. 

The HRS DTAR Series boasts the same features as the MR Series, but is designed for products with higher viscosities, or which contain particulates.