One way to overcome the challenges presented by complex mixtures, particulates or viscous fluids is to use a scraped surface heat exchanger, such as the patented Unicus Series from HRS Heat Exchangers, Marietta, Ga.

The Unicus was designed to provide unrivalled heat transfer with a wide range of difficult materials across a range of industries, particularly those that have a high fouling potential (therefore limiting heat transfer), but need delicate handling to preserve fragile product integrity.

The Unicus Series is based on traditional shell and tube heat exchangers, with the addition of a patented stainless-steel scraping mechanism that is hydraulically moved back and forth within each interior tube. This movement performs two key functions. First, it minimizes potential fouling of the product by keeping the tube wall clean. Secondly, the movement creates turbulence within the material. Plus, the speed of the scrapers is controllable and can be optimized for the product being processed.

Each Unicus heat exchanger consists of three elements—a hydraulic cylinder and power pack, a separation chamber to ensure hygiene and preserve product separation from the motor and the heat exchanger itself.

HRS Heat Exchangers