Sealed Air’s Cryovac food packaging brand continues to expand its Cryovac Simple Steps line to now include an upscale plate design, which combines the convenience and simplicity of heat-and-serve packaging with enhanced aesthetic appeal.

Developed for consumers and foodservice operations, the Cryovac Simple Steps plate maintains a unique vacuum-skin package, which provides steam-assisted cooking, self-venting and eliminates the need for package perforation.

Foodservice operators using the Cryovac Simple Steps plate will benefit from consistent product quality across multiple-unit locations, accurate portioning and labor savings associated with the elimination of the need for plating after heating. Also, the Cryovac Simple Steps plate naturally lends itself to accommodating institutional and non-traditional foodservice operations such as hospitals and hotel room service.

Furthermore, retailers have the option for vertical display and the high-product visibility through the vacuum-skin packaging, which presents a fresh and appealing product to shoppers.

Suited for single-serve meal options of 9 to 15 ounces, the Cryovac Simple Steps plate is designed for refrigerated and frozen heat-and-serve meals.

Sealed Air Corp.